Twitter bot- how to make it?

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Twitter was created in 2006, distinguishing itself from other communication platforms in the form of very brief information. Few people know where the name comes from – the Twitter logo was named Larry the Bird in honor of American basketball player Larry Bird. TT is referred to as a microblog and may function as a web log.

We can also treat it as a social platform, as well as the fastest information provider in the world. By the way, we have 140 characters to use, but we can also include links and photos to the information we send. Then the message becomes more attractive to the recipient and its visual appeal increases.

Twitter is a very specific tool that has its advantages and disadvantages.

Twitter vs. Facebook

Among the media communities most popular is Facebook. Every fourth inhabitant of the Earth uses Facebook.The obvious advantage of Twitter is its speed. Often, the news posted on this site is ahead of the world news stations.

Twitter vs. Facebook

Many marketers are already aware of the potential of this service – for example, Gary Vaynerchuck in his book, “Economics of Gratitude,” wrote that Twitter is the primary means of communicating with customers – enabling instant and instant communication better than any other service. Vaynerchuck emphasizes that Twitter is the reason for its business success.

140 characters, an idea and commitment is a guarantee of success

Twitter is still compared to Facebook, and it’s two completely different platforms, with different characteristics. When navigating to Twitter, remember that it is definitely more absorbing than Facebook. This is a portal that obliges you to actively tweet and respond to comments in an instant.

  • Twitter creators have given 140 characters for one tweet, this is a capacity close to SMS. Such a system requires specific information, maintaining discipline and forcing the profile administrator to analyze what is most valuable to the recipient.
  • You can not expect feedback in such a simple and fast way, as is often the case with Facebook profiles. It is therefore necessary to build the activity and engage the recipients.
  • There are also a number of tweets that can be inserted during the day.

If we find content worthy of attention, if someone retweets it – we respond, share and build a relationship. Regularity is also important in watching those who are interested in us. Also keep in mind the good html content (with the # symbol). This gives us the ability to pin our information under a given tag.

140 characters, an idea and commitment is a guarantee of successHashtag has great strength. Therefore, you should do it in a rational way, control what are the trends in the hasthagach and emphasize only the keywords. Trends on Twitter are the most popular topics that are marked with #. Trends can be cultural and sporting events or conferences of various kinds. Undoubtedly, trends are a good way to reach a wider audience. By hitching on a popular event, you can gain new followers who will search on Twitter for this particular topic. Thanks to the hashtags we can also see how the users speak about the brand. It also gives you the ability to interact, which may be the key to success.

Famous personalities and Twitter

The presence of popular people on Twitter is a great asset. We have an insight into the life of a well-known person or brand, but we can also easily contact them.

What’s changed on Twitter?

Twitter meets the requirements of users and introduces new capabilities that will undoubtedly improve communication on this site. Since the beginning of Twitter, its biggest drawback was the lack of direct group conversations on private and corporate sites.

Today, such a function exists and effectively fulfills the shortcomings of the past. Also new is the ability to share video content. And while it’s not uncommon, the video can now “capture”, edit, and add your photos. The application was created primarily for ease of use. As a result, a few clicks allow you to speak in video discussions or start a live event. Shared videos that can last 30 seconds will appear in the timeline as a thumbnail.What's changed on Twitter?

This feature can be very useful when reporting and sharing emotions from large events. Changes made to Twitter not only improve communication between users, but also compete with other competitors in the market. News on the TT are first of all a wide area of ​​maneuver that can be used creatively by marketing agencies and companies promoting social media. The way you twit is about your success.

Building solid relationships, content, and engagement are important not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world. Each person decides what he or she watches while creating a specialized database of inspiration and information.

48 million Twitter users are bots

Recent research conducted by people from the University of Southern California revealed that 15 percent. Twitter users are computer software. Pretty much.

Twitter boasts of 319 million users a month. This means that as much as 15 percent. this number is bots. This is not a sensation – of course the internet bots associate most of you negatively. On Twitter, however, the situation is different.

Most of this software is responsible for automated sharing of the latest news from around the world. Of course not all of them are also used as propaganda tools. The same research shows that as much as 19 percent. Political tweets published during the US presidential campaign were published by robots.

What is a twitter bot?

As mentioned above there are millions bots on twitter, but what exactly are they and how do twitter chatbos work?

Twitter bot apps are just simple scripts that emulate behaviour of normal twitter user – they like, retweet and post tweets but they do it on a mass scale according to the preprogrammed rules. This way owners of twitter bots are able to reach mass audience within days – the do not need to build their audience for months like it happens with normal profiles.

How to make a twitter bot – Free bot on twitter

In this mini-series, we will present step-by-step how to build a twitter bot that writes random text on twitter, without having knowledge of IT and spending money on maintaining the system.How to make a twitter bot - Free bot on twitter

The mentioned Twitter bot will be displaying slogans and content from banners appearing on various street demonstrations.

Unfortunately, using this bot does not allow you to attach images to posts. However, if we assume that it takes less than an hour to configure it, while keeping it in operation does not cost anything, the lack of photos becomes less noticeable.

By default, the twitty script generates itself automatically. The tweet cycle can be set in the frequency range of 5 minutes to 24 hours. Spacers in twitter publications can be extended and set to send twitt, eg every 4 days by editing one line of the script.

Let the bot on twitter work:

  1. You must have the data that the bot on the twitter will publish
  2. You must have a phone number with a twitter credentials
  3. You must have access to a googl disk

You need to collect the publication data as a text file containing one tweet content in a single line. Of course, keep in mind that twitter limits us to 140 characters in a line. #hashtags will publish, but we will not insert links in twitter content with this tool.

Only a twitter account with phone number credentials can attach their own applications. For the operation of the script is required to authorize it with the use of keys and tokens.

The script that publishes tweets is part of the google spreadsheet, and the data and the bot configuration panel are the tabs for this sheet.

The data for the publication of such a bot can be downloaded from the web pages using the web download tool described in this post.

Stay  tuned for the detailed instructions how to make a twitter bot!


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