Facebook messenger chatbot-what is it, tutorial and list of best bots

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What is a facebook messenger bot?

It is hard to find someone who does not know what Facebook Messenger is. It is a hassle free way of communicating with your friends, family and also various businesses. But is it also hassle free for the business to communicate with ist customers via FB Messenger bot? Well, it is definitely cheaper than running own call center, but…

It has its own problems and limitations: customers expect that they’ll get the answer pretty fast – even immediately – despite the time – there is an special icon informing about the average response time of the Facebook Page – and guess what – it is not good if it says something else than “within few minutes” – “almost immediately” – that is what you should aim for. But how to do it? I am not multimillion dollar company and do not have money for running professional support center. Well, that is where Facebook Messenger robot can become very handy.

Facebook Messenger bot – how you can use it?

  1. First – sell. An appropriately programmed bot can present our offer to a potential client, encourage him to buy or inform about new products in our shop.
  2. Second, serve customers. Do you run a restaurant? Program the bot to allow customers to order food. Got a florist? Why not allow customers to order bouquets through Messenger? Customers have questions? Make a FAQ bot and include the most frequently asked questions with your answers.
  3. Third, the bot can recognize the needs and preferences of customers. All on the basis of a short “interview” – properly configure the questions and use them in the subsequent service of the customer.
  4. Fourth – inform. An excellent example is one of the first bots – CNN. It will send the user the most up-to-date information on the topic. Do you have your own information service? Can you use the bot in your activities?Facebook Messenger bot – how you can use it?
  5. Fifth – games. Yes, there are also such bots. For example you can play the popular game Zork. Everything in Messenger.
  6. Sixth – FB Messenger bot tutorial – eg. you can do onboarding to your service using a facebook messenger bot api.

Out of curiosity – there is even a bot on Messenger that corresponds on Tinder.

Facebook Messenger bots – FAQ chatbots list

Is bot the same as artificial intelligence (AI)?

No, it is quite different, though often the media make such simplification, using interchangeably both concepts. Bots are not artificial intelligence, but of course they can use it.

How to find chat bots on Facebook?

Facebook does not have a dedicated bots search engine or directory where you can view all of them directly. This can be done indirectly and only from the Messenger mobile application. The first way is to activate the search box in Messenger so that the “Bots” section with the selected 12 bots appears.

Facebook bots how do they work?By entering a specific company name in the search engine, “Bots and Business” appears in the search results. But there are no distinctions between bots and other results. A good example can be eBay. The eBay Bot does not work under its main brand name (@eBay), but under additional (@eBayShopBot) – but the results in the list look the same.

Facebook bots how do they work?

Bots operate within the Messenger platform, both on the web and in mobile applications. The bot is similar to other Messenger users, except that it is the bot that proposes and sometimes forces the interaction and way of responding, thanks to a range of available modules and conversation templates. The action of the bot is designed and programmed by its creators. Bots use Facebook Messenger Bot API to have access to Facebook assets.

How do I know if I’m going to talk to a bot or a human when I’m writing to a company on Messenger?

When you first write to a company / Facebook page, when you enter the chat screen, at the bottom of the screen you will see a distinctive “Get started” or “Start” beacon. This is the most obvious sign that after you tap it you will start the conversation with the bot.
It is also a good practice to have the bot at the beginning of the conversation introduce itself and explain what tasks it can handle. In addition, bots should use design scenarios so that the user knows who they are talking to – bot or moderator of the fanpage.

Does having a bot on a company’s fanpage exclude the ability to talk to a person?

No, it does not. The user can exit the bot mode and direct his message to the “real person”, the moderator of the fanpage. This is not the default option, but bot developers should plan for it. Typically, a procedure is used to exit / enter the bot to establish an individual dialogue. When a user exits the chat mode, the moderator can be automatically informed to take over the conversation, or another scheduled event may occur (eg. sending a customer service message, sending a CRM request, etc.). If there is no such option, if the bot does not understand something, it will respond with the default response and will not allow to contact with the human.
Regardless of the above, the moderator can start participating at any time during the discussion with the bot.

Can a bot create itself?

Of course. There are tools for developing bots, such as Gupshup, or even bot creators, not requiring coding skills, such as Chatfuel, Motion.ai. If you do not have any budget and / or you just want to experiment with bots, you should test them out. However, if you take the topic seriously, prepare to outsource to a specialized company. Similar to mobile applications – there are many mobile application builders, which are very easy to use, but they also have limitations and it may be more convenient and secure to hire professionals.

What is the difference between developing a bot and developing a mobile application?

The development of bots compared to the development of mobile applications may be cheaper. Mobile applications need to be built into different operating systems, usually 2 or 3, and the bot is made up of one and it will be available on the communicator to all operating systems running the communicator.

What is the difference between developing a bot and developing a mobile application?
It is worth noting that when developing bots, not only their development is an area that needs attention. A great challenge in creating bots is to develop their logic (preparing conversation diagrams, scripts, copywriting). This makes it very difficult for a chatbot developer to create a good bot – you also need to (and even above all) engage people with UX competencies. For starters, guess in how many ways can you say …hello? 🙂

Are bots better than mobile apps?

It depends. It depends primarily on the purpose of the existence of one and the other program, as well as the complexity of the tasks performed. It can be said that bots are a new means to accomplish the same goal that the mobile channel implements. Just like with cars and planes – both are the means of transport, they carry the goal of moving from point A to point B. By plane you will fly to Paris faster, but you will not go shopping with a local supermarket 😉
It should be noted that today’s bots do not replace the extensive mobile applications (eg banking) without a significant change in their UX usage. But for the simple tasks bots will be a great alternative to mobile applications – first of all much cheaper. In this line of argument it is worth pointing out that the bot functions in a mobile messenger, which your client is very likely already has on his phone. So there is no need for costly promotion of a new mobile app. Users will also appreciate having no need to install another application on their phone (research is alarming that we are doing it less and less).

What you can do with a bot?

The tasks that can be handled successfully include:

  • choosing the right products satisfying the customer’s preferences,
  • providing guidance on specific products,
  • ordering meals,
  • receiving news from different sources,
  • suggesting the nearest sales points, such as florists,
  • ordering products / services from online stores,
  • sending a video / video replay after shooting the goal during various types of sports,
  • searching for appropriate communication connections,
  • hotel reservation,
  • flight booking,
  • appointment / meeting assistance,
  • ordering a courier,
  • checking the status of the shipment,
  • checking the status of the official case,
  • automatic status change notifications,
  • checking the repertoire in cinema, theater, opera,
  • traffic information,
  • filing a complaint,What are the business benefits of bots?
  • subscription setting.

Examples can be multiplied! It is impossible to mention all of them here.

What are the business benefits of bots?

Bots can streamline many communication processes and apply in virtually any industry where there is direct contact between the customer and a company representative. Bots are:

  • an alternative to customer service by phone, email and a web-based chat (sometimes even the most effective way to communicate with people who do not like to call to handle a specific case)
  • simplifying and accelerating communication between customers and businesses (answers are automatic and immediate)
  • freedom of conversation (in a similar way and in the same place as friends)
  • standardization and fluency of communication with the company (conversation started on one device can be continued on the other without loss of thread),
  • full synchronization between fixed and mobile devices,
  • no need to run additional software,
  • personalization of conversations – giving content only, tailored to the client’s preferences,
  • expanding processes and reaching customers in an additional channel (Customer Matching function)

Thanks to the above-mentioned properties of bots, today we are talking about the revolution in B2C’s social media contacts. The number of additional advertising opportunities seems endless.

How many conversational scenarios can we set up in the bot?

The bot software allows you to prepare unlimited answers to your questions. During the development of the bot, the responses can be modified, expanded, and perfectly matched to the query.

What if the user asks a question and bot does not have a prepared answer?

Upon receiving of a message that the bot will not be able to answer on its own, the bot can display the option of direct contact with the person serving the fanpage. If an internaut uses it, the bot may additionally send the moderator a notification of that fact, to a previously defined email address. Please, note, this is not the default option, it must be foreseen in scenarios.

How much does it cost to implement the bot? What is the price?

But if the company does not want to allow any personal contact with its agent, the bot must give it an understanding that it does not understand something and at the same time suggest how to avoid this problem.

Does the bot work 24/7/365?

By default, yes. If this is provided in the bot software, then the bot’s administrator can disable it and / or determine when the bot should be shut down.

How much does it cost to implement the bot? What is the price?

The question of a kind – “how much does a car cost?” First of all, it depends on who you ask for it. You can try creating it on your own or you can ask specialized companies (or freelance chatbot developers) to prepare it. Secondly, the price may depend on the complexity of the bot. The price of a bot consists of many items, including:

  • the number of scenarios developed,
  • diagrams of conversations,
  • preparation of texts (copywriting)
  • development,
  • integration with external data sources,
  • tests,
  • updates,
  • project management,
  • monthly maintenance.

Talking about prices, it is important to remember that when creating a bot, people should work not only on programming skills, but also on the UX. The success of the bot  is determined by its proper flow – if the creators do not take care of it, the bot can after a few seconds of conversation become useless.

What must a company prepare to implement a bot on Messenger?

First and foremost, it must have a fanpage on Facebook. Note – this does not have to be the main fanpage, nor can it be created just for the existence of a bot (see eBay). If the bot is being prepared by an outside company, then it should be provided with the access to this fanpage. If the conversation scenarios involve using and displaying data from external sources, you should also prepare access to the API so that it is possible.

Best facebook messenger chatbots list. Botts are already tens of thousands. Here is a Facebook Messenger Bots List – among the most popular are:Facebook messenger chatbot – how to build it? (Tutorial)

  • CNN,
  • Poncho,
  • 1-800-Flowers,

The recently launched include:

  • Hello Vote,
  • Kayak,
  • Tommy Hilfiger,
  • Hipmunk

It is good to remember that best facebook messenger bots list is not written in stone. You should try to make your bot to be No. 1. Thanks to Facebook Chatbot API it is not an impossible task.

Facebook messenger chatbot – how to build it? (Tutorial)

Ok, since you’ve reached that point, it’s a sign that you care about creating your bot. Fast and cheap. Basically for free. Here it is – The Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial 🙂

Meet It’s alive – a free, easy-to-use online wizard for creating Facebook bots. Thanks to it, you will create your bot, for example, to answer the most frequently asked questions in 4 easy steps.

Step 1.

Provide a name and (optional) description of your bot.

Step 2.

Create your first dependency. Enter the keywords that the user will enter and the response they will provide to the bot. Eg if the user posts “Hello” – your bot may also greet him. You can also add graphics and buttons here that characterize your business and match your key phrase.

Step 3.

Add other dependencies. Eg asking for your company’s offer, weather, etc. Be creative! You know from experience that your customers are asking for a variety of things – use that experience to create your bot.

Step 4.

Connect It’s alive with your Facebook account and implement your bot in Messenger. Just choose the site you manage, turn on the bot and get ready!

Of course, this solution will not work in the case of the desire to build complex bots, but to the simplest – as much as possible. As you can see it’s alive in beta, I also think that we will soon be adding more features that we will be able to connect with our bot.

You’ve created your bot? Share it in the comments!

You’ve created your bot? Share it in the comments!


Bots on Facebook are a very vast topic. It is hard to write about all of the aspects in one article. What you should remember is that it is a great way to connect with your customers (and also to attract the new ones). You can start creating a Facebook Bot right away – just google “facebook messenger bot tutorial” and you are good to go.

Maybe you will not jump to the top of The Best Facebook Messenger Chatbots List from the day one, but this first step is the most important one – you’ll start getting feedback from your customers and with that your bot development journey can begin for good 🙂.

Best off luck!


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