9 ideas to promote your company in the internet

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Effective advertisement

The Internet gives us unlimited possibilities. We can find many ways to advertise our company for free. Advertising is a key, without it our offer does not exist. To take full advantage of the power of free advertising we need to look for new and interesting ways to do so. In many of them, it is enough to interest the client with our offer, to speak on thematic forums and to create a professional image.

If a prospective customer goes to a forum or mailing list and finds the professional answers you provide, there is a very good chance that she or he will choose your business in the future. Just take a moment to make the results really astounding.

Free advertisement

There is lots of ways to get free advertisement in the internet. You need to be inventive and look for options that match your business profile. It is worth to use as many ideas as possible to advertise your company for free. However, to get the best effect, something else is needed.

You will get great results by combining free options with the professional IT support of your business. It is important that your website is professional and transparent. By the way of course it is worth to make sure that it is visible in the search engines, which corresponds to the positioning. At any time, you can exclude competition and settle on the first page of the search engine results.Free advertisement

Promote services on advertising portals

Portals of this type have a high number of visits. Potential customers often search for contractors or products they are interested in. It’s a proven way to get cheap advertising. Make sure your advertisement has attractive content and is visually appealing. If possible add interesting graphics that will attract attention.

Sign up for a thematic forum

This way, you can conduct interesting conversations with prospective customers, giving you the opportunity to know about your business. You can also add a link to your page in the footer. By promoting your site, you do not expose your users to SPAM, and the site address is visible underneath your post.

Write interesting blog posts

By adding interesting feedback on blogs that are relevant to your industry, you will surely attract customers’ attention. Such blogs include people interested in the subject, so sign up for the site responsible for hosting the blogs. Enter as the nickname the name of the company or, if allowed by the rules, your website address.

Add page address to email footer

Thanks to this method, responding to various types of email messages, you draw the recipient’s attention to the profile of your business. This is a non-invasive and interesting form of advertising, because signing with such content can affect your brand’s visibility and build awareness among industry customers.

Exchange links and banners

Find partners among bloggers or entrepreneurs with a similar business profile. For example – if you are a manufacturer of some kind of merchandise, look for the vendor and offer exchanges of links and / or banners. This free exchange strengthens advertising for the benefit of both parties.

Add page address to email footer

Evaluate your purchased goods

  • If you buy new equipment for your business, add a rating to your website or online store that you used, even if you purchased a product in your store.
  • In your opinion, enter your business name and link to the website.
  • That way, you can advertise among people who have purchased similar products in the category that covers your business profile.

Use the mailing list

Compose a short form of an offer that tells what you are doing. Then you can send such emails to public addresses of companies in your industry. To avoid creating up-to-date content for unsolicited commercial information, you should familiarize yourself with the exact definition of the message as SPAM.

Create topic polls

Do some simple themed surveys, with the possibility to type email addresses. Thanks to this respondents to your survey will be able to leave their email address, which you will later be able to use to send the newsletter with your offer. Remember to ask for the approval.

Display products on auction sites

It’s a good way to advertise and sell your products. If you do not run an online store it can be a good replacement. On the other hand, having such a listing site, may be an effective helper. In such a service you can sell virtually any product or service and advertise your business with a short note under the description of the product offered.


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