17 quick tips to get more traffic on your blog

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Here are quick tips for bloggers that you can implement anytime! Everything to generate more traffic on your blog. Check out this list of tips!

Are there quick tips for bloggers? Of course! You can spend a lot of hours per day improving your blog. Therefore, all sorts of lists containing the most necessary steps are always welcmed.

Here are 17 steps you can take to make your blog more recognizable.

1. Create a mailing list

Building a mailing list is a great way to attract loyal fans.

There are many ways to encourage to subscribing to the mailing list. You can even use the pop-up window.

2. Use the mailing list to promote the best posts

The ability to inform recipients about recommended posts is certainly one of the biggest benefits of email marketing. Therefore, quick tips for bloggers can not get around without this tip.

Nothing is preventing you from regular (eg every month) informing your subscribers about the interesting texts you have published in the past weeks. This will help them make a selection and suggest content worth reading.

3. Provide interesting graphics, adequate to the content of entries

Visual content is a great lure to increase the visibility of your blog. No wonder – in the end,4. Create graphics that encourage sharing all sorts of graphic messages reach our brain faster.

If you use WordPress, it is necessary to focus on a theme that supports the so called distinguished image. This is an image that is usually located at the top of the page containing the entry. Use this place to add graphics that will enrich your text – quickly and simply summarize what the reader may find below.

4. Create graphics that encourage sharing

Various quick tips for bloggers often mention creating a graphic to share.

  • They can be found especially on Facebook and other social networking sites. They are very simple. They usually contain a clear background and an interesting quotation. Sometimes they are enriched with flat graphics. Everything to encourage the reader to share graphics.
  • What gives this sharing? Well, if for example in the bottom right corner you put the logo of your company, the chance to raise brand awareness will certainly increase.

5. Upload social media buttons

Some readers feel the need to share interesting text with others. Install, especially for them, plug-in for this type of action.

6. Encourage sharing of entries

In addition to purely technical procedures (scripts, plugins, etc.), you can also use persuasion.

Nothing obstructs your texts to end with a request for sharing. If the text is really good then the chances of this kind of activity are increasing.

7. Join facebook groups for bloggers

8. Link old posts in new textsCommunity-based organizations are emerging in many places. These include the facebook groups.

Observe other posts and draw appropriate conclusions. Publish your own content. All this you can achieve by belonging to the appropriate groups on Facebook.

8. Link old posts in new texts

The list of quick tips for bloggers could not do without this tip. You can restore old texts to life by linking them.

You add a new text, but do you mention some archived entry? Perfectly! So add a link to the old article. Enclose parts of it in the content and increase the chances that your readers will discover your previously written text. This will keep your readers going longer and show your archival entries to a wider audience.

9. Attend industry meetings

It is well known that Internet communication has its advantages. Still, the best way to gain valuable insights is through live meetings.

Certainly, there are occasional events that bring together specialists in your niche. Try to attend these types of meetings. You will gain new contacts that may come handy in the future.

10. Add comments on other pages

The most common problems faced by bloggers are in particular lack of recognition. No wonder, since there are many blogs on the web that can be found on a variety of topics.

An excellent way to remedy this problem is to post comments on pages that are related to your site. This will give you a wider audience. However, keep in mind that these comments can not annoy other people who are involved in the discussion. Class, professionalism and knowledge – these are the qualities that characterize your speech.

11. Propose guest entries

You can also become a recognizable blogger thanks to guest posts.

11. Propose guest entries

In short, you are asking the owner of another service to publish your article. This is a win-win cooperation. You gain a new place where you can publish your texts – so you expand your recognition, and with a little luck you also have a link to your site. He in turn has additional material for publication that can generate more traffic.

12. Thank you for sharing

Quick tips for bloggers could not do without this tip. This is obvious, but very important.

If anyone mention you or share your text – thank you for that! Show everyone that you are seeing network activity that is related to your brand. Anyway – everyone likes to feel appreciated, and nice words of thanks will always be well received.

13. Create bulk listings

Through aggregate entries I understand texts that list several related articles.

Bulk items let you aggregate content in one place. They can be a kind of other users’ creations – they have a better chance of being added to browser’s bookmarks.

14. Support of the plugins

The best plugins for WordPress can automate a lot of operations. Of course, if you use this CMS system on your blog.

The Yoast SEO plugin is undoubtedly one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It allows you to make basic SEO optimization for both the entire site as well as single pages. So if you have the opportunity – use plugins. Just remember to do it smart. Excessive number of plugins may adversely affect the safety and speed of the service.

15. Pay attention to the titles of entries

Most copywriter’s tips focus on title entries. 16. Create ebooks based on selected entries

Not without reason. Creating effective headlines is not an easy art. Many people judge the text just after its title. If it is not interesting and encouraging to read the entire text, then you are losing the reader.

Titles must be useful. Your reader should feel a benefit. Otherwise, he will not be interested in the text because he is simply not interested in the header.

16. Create ebooks based on selected entries

Quick tips for bloggers sometimes just mention this step.

Note that at 13th I exchanged aggregate entries as a method of generating traffic. There is nothing to prevent ebooks from making such a set of texts. Some prefer to have constant access to useful text (or texts) as a “downloadable” PDF file. If you add yet another interesting visual setting – guaranteed success.

Also keep in mind that the e-book may be a clickbait that will increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter.

17. Update the old content

Refreshing old entries is a great way to generate additional traffic.

If you believe any of your previous texts “have expired” – try modifying it. Add new content, change obsolete information, and remove what you consider unnecessary in retrospect. After that, start promoting modified and refreshed text 😀



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